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2D Surgical Hospital

An Khe to Chu Lai South Vietnam

In a war zone, all that normalcy, plus the security of knowing you can sleep safely and comfortably all night, is gone. Sometimes you get so tired that sleep overwhelms you until you are called to work again. You are camping out with a group of people you barely know, in a strange land, and being asked to use your skills in unusual and sometimes crisis situations. Over time, you seek a new normal out of the chaos, and the old normal fades. The comfort, security, and friends are gone. You create a new world with friends who share the experience. Often, you can run the entire range of emotions in a short period of time. It feels like an emotional roller coaster. You grow and change. You quickly find out who you are and what you can handle. Most of the time you are pleased; sometimes it is not pretty. You learn quickly and hope you are enough for what you are called to do.

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